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The 2012 rally ran from New York City to Los Angeles, via Toronto, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Santa Fe, and Las Vegas. The rally was held from May 25-31. The rally included stops at Niagara Falls, Indianapolis 500, Windsor, Ontario, Detroit, St Louis, Route 66, the Grand Canyon and Death Valley. Maximillion Cooper and Eve had trouble with their Shelby Cobra, so when Cooper asked his mate Romuald Clariond if he and his team could help fixing in St Louis, Clariond offered them to take the second Rally Fighter he had on support truck. With two exemplaries on the rally, Local Motors’ Rally Fighter really made a splash on 2012 rally. Romuald Clariond and his team Gumball Rally Fighters (with Saba Aberi, and support vehicle made of Buddy Crisp and Adam Keiser) have been awarded of ‘Help Max Award’ in Los Angeles. Other entrants included TV Personality David Hasselhoff, Musician & Lecturer Bun B, Finnish TV Personalities The Dudesons, Professional Skier Jon Olsson, Fashion Designer Maia Norman, Skateboard Professional Terry Kennedy, BMX Professional Nigel Sylvester, Artist Futura 2000, DJ Drama, Sheik Mohammed Al Thani of the Qatar Royal Family and Prince Talal M. A. Al-Faisal Al-Saud of the Saudi Arabian Royal Family.

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