GUMBALL 3000 2012 videoCrazy Guy Screaming "BUGATTI!" – Gumball 3000 Rally 2012 (Original) – Guy goes Absolutely Psychotic when the Bugatti Veyron showed up at the Gumball 3000 Car Rally 2012. Hilarious! Remember to take your pills in the morning, folks. Copyright 2012 : Owen Dolmer ========================================= Here’s a full transcript of his cries of passion: (screaming) “GO! GO! GO!” “BUGATTI!!” “OH MY GOD!” “Bugatti oh my god” (crying) “Bugatti oh my god, …oh my god” (crying) “BUGATTI!” “BUGATTI!” “BUGATTI!” “IT’S A BUGATTI!” “holy sh’god” “BU-GA-TTI!” “BUGATTI” “OHHH YEAAHHHHHHH” “FUCKIN’ BOO GOTTTII” “BUGATTIAGH” “AAAAAGGHHHH!” “WOOOOOOO!” “GOOOOOOD!” “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” “OHHHH YEAHHH, …that’s it, show’s over…” *Feel free to link this to your Facebook or Twitter – GUMBALL 3000

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