GUMBALL 3000 official movies700hp GT-R and 12C – Gumball 3000 2014 Shmeemobiles – It’s Gumball time and here are the cars I’ll be using to film the 2014 rally from Miami to Ibiza! Starting off in the USA I’ll be jumping onboard a friend’s 700hp Nissan GT-R by Billet Design, wrapped satin dark blue with decals to match the Miami Vice theme. After flying from New York to Scotland we’ll jump into the McLaren 12C Shmeemobile decked out in some fairly bright ‘tron’ graphics as we head to Ibiza. More Shmee150 content will also be available on the Gumball 3000 official channel: And also Saabkyle04 And I’ve been invited to get involved in Team Wolfpack who have an incredible line-up of cars taking part this year – GUMBALL 3000

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